Monday, 22 August 2011

August 8, 2011

Leaving behind all the theory and discussion of the forums and discussion boards, today I had a wonderful reminder of why I am undertaking this journey. We were setting up for a shared Prep and Grade 1 lesson so there were 120 children sitting on the mat. Blindly grabbing a book to give the other teachers time to organise last minute bits and pieces I launched into a reading.

It is so easy to communicate a love of reading and books. I revel in it. Today it was one of those magic moments when you just know that you have every child there engaged. The book helped, it was the right book for the right occasion, not too long and unusual enough to make a difference.

I understand that my ideal job is more than simply reading picture books to young children but it’s a wonderful springboard. Sharing reading and providing a little entertainment can demonstrate that reading can be a pleasurable activity.

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